La Organizacion Espontanea de La Economia Paul Krugman

ISBN: 9788485855810

Published: May 28th 1997


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La Organizacion Espontanea de La Economia  by  Paul Krugman

La Organizacion Espontanea de La Economia by Paul Krugman
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The book . . . is . . . a piece of serious popular science writing- the author tries to be engaging and clear but is not afraid to use a little mathematics. Krugmans exuberance in describing his work helps get the reader over the rough spots. As a set of lectures aimed at people with backgrounds in economics, it also includes some technical sections that would be hard going for the uninitiated. Fortunately, these can be skipped with little loss of meaning.

. . . Krugmans general approach seems . . . plausible . . . for developing a general understanding of self-organization and complexity, for two reasons. First, he is willing to suppose that there is more than one process going on in the world, as shown by his instability and growth models. It really does seem absurd to suppose that the power law for word-use frequencies in English is generated by the same kind of process that determines earthquakes. SOC, order from instability, and Simon-style growth models appear to be independent explanations for power-law regularities.

Second, Krugman starts with a more grounded understanding of the phenomena he studies, so that he knows better what features of reality are lost when he simplifies things in his models.

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