Fish and Crickets 2: Roger Ashton



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Fish and Crickets 2:  by  Roger Ashton

Fish and Crickets 2: by Roger Ashton
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The authors understanding of Tai Chi as an internal martial art was profoundly deepened by his training in China with 2 masters. The first story, A Glint, explores what happens when Master G takes Roger as his only student in Shanghai. Expert in the Shaolin and Wu Dang arts, Master G demonstrates his light-body skill in an unforgettable way. The second story, Snack, occurs at the Peace Hotel, on the NE side of Ren Min Gong Yuen.

A man in monks clothing exhibits some otherworldly abilities while balancing an iron ball on his head. The final story, Fat Boy, details an event involving an old man marking a rude boy with a dim mat hit that eventually causes the boys untimely death. The Chinese martial art community is something that every practitioner needs to experience in order to truly appreciate the wild power that correct practice can produce.

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